Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who am I?

I feel like all I talk about is food, dieting, my body, ana, etc all of the time and nobody really knows who I am. So Here is A little information about me you might not know.
* My name is Ashleigh
* I live in St.louis,Missouri, USA
* I am 19 years old
* Favorite sports= Softball, soccer, gymnastics, football, rugby, diving, dance
* I have played violin for 9 years
*I have blonde hair, brown eyes
* I love reading, writing, poetry, listening to music, and naps
* My favorite foods are chocolate, peanut butter, lasagna, mashed potatoes, strawberries, ice cream 
* I am a lifeguard and a waitress
* I am a sophomore in college studying biochemistry to be a doctor
* Favorite colors= pink, yellow, blue, green
* Nicknames= sunshine, smash, smasher, smashley, smashburger, thunderbug, bibi, lazer
* My car= 2008 BMW z3 convertible. Silver, blacktop
* Languages I speak: Fluent Spanish and English. Some German and french
* I am Roman Catholic
* I live in a house just me and my boyfriend
* I have never left my country
* I hate wearing shoes and rarely do, except in public places
* I am super ticklish
* I love talking so much and doing impressions of people
* Dream job= artist or pro-surfer
* Favorite animal= puppies
*I want to be married and have at least 4 kids
* Family= Mom, Dad, 2 older brothers aged 21&23
* One word to describe me= Random

There you go! That's me in a nutshell. Anything else you want to know?


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love reading the random little things that people thin no one wants to know. I hope your day is goin good! I have one question for you though. Living in Missouri have you ever surfed? if so was it hard?

  2. I know how you feel/ I can sympathize with you because I am always on a constant diet for modeling. I play rugby!! AND I love all of the same sports as you :). You sound absolutely lovely and so interesting (in a good way of course!). xoxo

  3. I love hearing little facts about people :) you sound really fun :) and that's a lot of nick names!
    Lottie x

  4. I've sort of debated doing a post like yours, just because, like you, my blog is mostly about eating and such. But I guess that's why I keep my blog the way it is because I can't tell anyone else about it.

    I LOVE German and French, they're my favorite languages! What's your favorite kind of art to do? (painting, drawing...) and what kind of music do you like :D sorry, just lots of questions :) I like knowing things about people! I think it's cool that you're studying to be a doctor, it seems like a difficult path of study.