Thursday, October 20, 2011


Banana=100 Pizellecookies=230(Omg What did I do lol) Calories left today= 270-470. That would bring my total between 600-800. I want to stay at 600 but 800 at the most. I work tonight so I need to be really careful and avoid the pita chips and employee meal. I think Ill make some soup at home( Broth30, spinach10, salsa30=70) If I'm forced to eat at work a salad(>150cal) of tomatoes and lettuce and tiny tiny tiny amount of dressing. That sounds good to me. Another 600 calories day. I really really really need to remember to weigh in before school so that I can track my progress on my 11/11/11 goal. Sigh... lol anyways that was just a quick note so I have a plan in mind so I can be successful today with my eating. Oh ya, and I work for at least 5 hours waitressing so that's about 1000 calories! I hope I work longer so I can burn even more making my burn today 1000ish+1500=2500 atleast! That would be fantastic :) I'm uber excited for this. I just need to stay away from those damn pita chips <3

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  1. Having a plan always seems the best way to make it work! Good luck, I'm catching up on your blog right now :)