Friday, October 14, 2011

On a Quest

And the result is... 130.4! O happy day! That's kind exciting because that means I dropped 1.6lbs overnight and I think I weighed in at 133 yesterday morning, so that's 2.6 pounds lost yesterday. I hope I can lose 1.4lbs today and just be down to129flat. My realistic goal is to drop 1lb a day for the next 3 days and be down to 127 when I wake up Monday morning. My boyfriend and I went shopping last night and bought sooooo many groceries. The good news is, none of it looks appealing to me. Oh! I also found these Italian wafer cookies called Pizzelle cookies that are so beautiful, and delicious and only 23 calories each :) Oh they are just wonderful. I like to make a cup of tea or coffee and put the cookie over the top of the mug to warm my cookie and keep my drink nice and hot. Ok and now I'm drooling. I'm seriously thinking about having a day where I have 6 meals each one would be a cup of tea or coffee and a Pizzlle cookie and my intake would be less than 150 for the day lol. That actually sounds like a great idea. Anyways... This cleanse is working wonderfully. Just a warning to anybody who is wanting to try it. You will be visiting the toilet a lot. Also, lots and lots of water is necessary so you don't shrivel up and die of dehydration. I feel empty in a good way right now. Really light and floaty and wonderful. I;m still looking for blogs to feature on my blog, so email me if you want me to do a post about your page. Stay strong <3


  1. What cleanse? What cleanse!? I love cleanses. Tell me about it!! Xo

  2. I went to the pharmacy and they have this 14 day cleanse kit that has two bottles of pills. One bottle is herbal fiber complex and the other one is a colon cleansing complex. You take 2 of each pill in the morning and two of each at night. Drink loads of water and eat healthy food. I'm only trying to take in liquid calories for the 14 days because I want to see how much I weigh without all of the nasty undigested waste in my system, and trust me, this cleanse really "gets things moving" lol I think this is my 4th day and I'm down 5 pounds from when I started it. I feel great too :) light and pure