Friday, October 7, 2011

"The pain of discipline will never be greater than the pain of disappointment"

Just gotta stay strong! It's 12:33 and I'm at 0 calories today. I've been up for about 5 hours. I think I'll be at work until like 11 or 12 tonight. I'm trying to just have liquids today except for one yogurt before I go to work, because I'm going to be working for like 6-8 hours tonight. waiting tables burns about 230 calories per hour, so that's at least 1200-1600 calories burned at work!! I have a question: If I burn 1600 calories per day just existing (my BMR) then I burn 66.6 calories per hour. Let's say I workout and burn 200 calories in an hour, do I add the 200 calories to my BMR making my daily burn 1800 calories, or do I replace one hour of existing calories (66.6) with the 200 calories I burned making my daily burn 1733.4 calories? Do you guys get what I mean. Am I burning an extra 200 calories that hour or is my total calories burned for that hour 200? I hope it's that you add your calories burned on, because that would mean my burn for today is going to be around 3000 calories and if I can push it further, maybe I can lose a pound today. Fingers crossed. <3Sunshinechild69


  1. hehe i gave u that quote before :)

  2. I've always wondered about that too, would like to see what the answer is..
    Fingers crossed for you hun!

    Si xx