Sunday, October 9, 2011


I think I've reached the point of no return in my life. Seriously, ana is for life. A few years ago, only eating one meal in a day would seem ridiculous, and I would be so hungry the next day and would tear through the kitchen to make up for the day before. Now, that one meal seems so huge and I just want to turn back time and say no thank you and remain empty. I just want to be small and light and pure. I'm looking forward to the upcoming holidays, because I want to see if my family can see a difference. I can't really. I see a little more hipbone and collarbone, but everything else seems pretty much the same. I wonder if I'm going to get any comments about my weight. I haven't seen any of my moms family since last Christmas and I plan on being 120 by then, that's 23 pounds lighter than last year.I just bought a 14 day cleanse thing and I'm hoping to see some results. I'm kind of curious to see what would happen if I went on an all liquid diet thing for about 3-4 days and took laxies to get all of the food out of my body. I'm really curious about how much of the weight in my body is food just sitting in my intestines. I think I might try it only eating yogurt, juice, water, gatorade, broth, and other stuff like that. I'm excited to see how this works out and I really can't wait to see some results. Wish me luck. By the way, did anybody figure out the answer to my question about burning calories ?

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  1. wishing you lots of luck with the new liquid diet, make sure you keep us posted? if it works for you i would really like to try it too.
    I always struggle to see any difference in my appearence but today someone i hadn't seen in a while looked at me and said " god, your skinny!" it was unexpexcted and most welcome (not stopped smiling since)