Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stupid Car

My car overheated again on the way to take my test yesterday, so I didn't get to get my hair cut yet , and I had to walk for an hour :( Buuuut, I have so other pics for you. Here's a picture of a lovely little skirt I made on my day off today. It wasn't really a day off, but I was forced to take it because I had no car to get to school. I love this color! I would love to hear comments on what would go best with this. My scale is acting weird right now. It keeps turning on then showing zero and clicking off. I think it's time for new batteries :( It's killing me not to know. So instead of weighing today, I took some measurement pics so I could see a little progress when the time comes. I'll check again each Sunday before I go to my dads house. Here's some pics of my waist and hip measurements. I really want to lose an inch off the waist and 1 or 2 off of my hips. I just want to be so tiny and delicate like a little firefly. I have this thing about fireflies... So magical. Anywho I'm going to start my fast in 43 min. Wish me luck :)


  1. Good luck my dear. You rocked it last week, so no doubt that you will do good this week. The skirt is beautiful. I'm not good with fashion sense, so I don't have any ideas what it would go with. You're so tiny. I wish I could lose inches off my hips, but since I've had 3 kids, that is never going to happen lol. Lots of love.

  2. Man I can't wait to get that small. I know you have a goal in mind and you are doing great at getting there.

    My goal waist is 24 inches. I am stuck on that for whatever reason.

  3. Hey, so I just power-read your entire archive in like two days. (wutacreep. Whoops.) Just wanted to say that you look AMAZING and that your strength is super inspiring.
    I also love seeing how you balance needing to get skinny with needing muscle and fuel for gymnastics--I'm a dancer in college hoping to turn professional in a couple of years, so my goal is supersupersuper low body fat without losing lots of muscle--basically, you (but shorter).
    Stay strong! <3

  4. Your skirt is so pretty, I love the canary yellow
    You are teeny tiny!!

    Love x