Monday, February 4, 2013

The Crownless Again Shall be King

 I messed up big time yesterday.Stupid fucking Superbowl party. Let's see 1 fun size bag peanut M&Ms (90), 1 fun size Snickers (80), 3 Ghiradelli chocolate squares(180), 1 truffle (60), 3 green olives (20), chips and taco dip (300?), 3 oreos (210), 1 cup pub mix(140), 1 hot dog (280), 5 chicken strips (500), ummm is that all? I feel like such a pig. That's 1860 calories of disgusting sugar and fat just fermenting in my body and attaching to my back and thighs. Somebody shoot me please. The good thing is, I'm going all natural today. I'm only having fruit and vegetables and plain lean protein (either chicken breast or swai fillet) Oh!! I found a whole line of zero calorie salad dressing! How amazing is that? I bough zero calorie balsamic vinaigrette and zero calorie Caesar dressing. I haven't tried them yet, but i will at lunch today. This is how my life is going to go for the next week. Fruit for breakfast = 150 or less. Lunch = spinach salad+ chicken+ zero calorie dressing+ tomato= 100 calories or less. Snack= fruit and water smoothie = 100 or less Dinner= Swai fillet (70) + Some veggies (130 or less) My daily total will be 550 or less. OH and I'm getting  a water bottle that's around 32 oz and I'm going to mark it off with 7 increments on each side saying 8 AM, 9 Am, 10 AM, etc. all the way down to 10 PM so that I know I'm getting enough water throughout the day, and I'm not wasting all those disposable plastic bottles. Once I'm half way through the day, I'll refill the bottle and start tracking on the other side. I should be drinking about 4.5 oz per hour to be fully hydrated. I need to completely clean all of the junk out of my insides for good. I really hope this month of healthy clean eating will reset my system, and help me be healthier and happier. Plus, I'll be negative 1500 per day losing about 3 lbs per week. The hardest part is going to be avoiding the junk food binges late at night, but if I just can't avoid eating, you better believe I'll be reaching for the strawberries or apples or something nutritious. If I'm really hungry, and not just greedy, then fruit or veg should fill me up. I'm gonna go cook some chicken breast slice it into strips to keep int the fridge for my salads. I still need to get a scale battery. It's that weird round kind, so we don't have any lying around the house. I'm kinda glad though, because I don't have to see how much damage I did last night. <3


  1. Ugh, Super Bowl party fucked me up, too. You have a great plan for today and the future, though--you can totally make up for today, don't even stress about it.

    Stay strong.
    <3 The Dancer

  2. Stupid Superbowl, right? But it was an awesome game for sure. I'm sorry that you ate so much, but it sounds like you're on the right track for healthy! I've got every bit of faith that you can do this!

  3. I loved reading your comment about 3 oreos. I probably ate an entire bag that weekend! Of course I'm never going to get a thigh gap (think Sir Chris Hoy) and my six pack only peaks out in the morning.

    As for snackies, I hear protein, protein, protein to help prevent the binging. If you're so short on calories, you're probably like me and starving if you just eat veg.

    Anyway, best of luck finding good health and happiness! Everyone deserves it.

  4. That's such a great idea with the water bottle. I always say I'll be healthier with my diet but just end up restricting. Well done on going healthy. Don't worry too much about slipping up. <3