Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hum Drum

Sorry for that little pity post the other day. I've been feeling so blah because of this sinus infection. Everything tastes and smells so weird, but it's getting better because of the antibiotics. I like winter for it's unique quiet magic, but I just want the sun to return. I need spring! Only 30 more days... Having said that, I just want to let you all know how much I really appreciate all of the loving supportive comments. When I need to just let things out that I can't say to anyone else, I know I can always come here without judgement. I've been sticking to my ballet diet which is about 1200 a day, but I usually end up closer to 900 or 1000. I'm going to wait until my period is over to weigh myself, because I want to be surprised. I'm seriously on the edge of thigh gap. that upper triangle of space is getting bigger, and my inner thighs are barely touching when I stand with my feet together. There's like a half inch of thigh that makes contact. Other than that, it's all space. Other than the fact that I pretty much have control over when and how much I eat, I've pretty much cut out all of the junk. The only junky stuff I've had in a week is some snack mix, and it's not really bad for you. Mostly nuts and pretzels in it. Ugh, my head hurts a bit, so I'm going to go lie down. <3 Sunshine


  1. Hey. We're always here for you, darling. That's what we do. That's why this community exists.
    Congrats on doing so well with the ballerina diet, you're such an inspiration! AND THAT ALMOST THIGH GAP. GAH.
    Feel better! <3

  2. Nuts mix is pretty good in nutritionally well done! sorry to hear you're unwell, damn this cold, I can feel icicles dropping off my nose. Or is that snot? Sorry too much info.

    Get better soon, in all senses of the term

    Princess xxx