Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Professional Ballerina Diet

Sorry, just one more post, I promise. This is the diet I'm going to follow when I'm done fasting. It's the meal plan I found on a professional ballet company's website. I also tried to calculate the calories. Enjoy! 8 AM = Breakfast 1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese (50) + fresh berries (25?) + Porridge cooked with water (150) + 1 piece toast (80) + slice of cheese (100?)+ coffee or tea no sugar or cream. =405 11 AM = 2nd Breakfast 1 container low fat natural yogurt (100)+ an apple (85) + green tea = 185 2pm= Lunch portion of light vegetable soup (75) or 1/3 cup brown rice (75) + a serving of baked chicken (150) + 1 cup salad of steamed seasonal veg (25)= 250 5 PM= Afternoon Lunch An apple (85) + toast (80) + slice of cheese (100) + piece of dark chocolate (25) + cup of green tea. =290 9 PM = Dinner Baked fish (Swai =70) + salad ( mine will be spinach and tomato (50) Total for day =120 Total= 1250 I don't know how that worked out that perfectly, but it did. I feel like deprivation is the reason for a lot of my binges, so I'm going to start off around 1200 and slowly taper back each week to around 800. I'm sure I've estimated a bit high on the calories, but that protects me from underestimation. I am very excited about this new plan, and I hope it helps me get tiny. This should promote about 2 lbs per week loss. After my 4 day fast, I should be  will be below 130, and then I will maintain this plan for about 11 weeks (until my birthday). I want to be 120 for my birthday. Well, here goes nothing.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful plan. You'll do amazing with it and like you said, hopefully it will help with the binges. Good luck sweetheart.

  2. This is great. What is the ballerina diet, I'm not sure I've heard of it. But I know I want to fucking look like a ballerina!! I think it's a really good idea to start with a higher intake and then move down. I started that way and allowing myself more food made the prospect of getting down to a lower intake that much more bearable. And you also shrink that stomach way down. What I tried to do in the beginning was make sure that I ate regularly enough to not feel hungry, but not enough to ever feel obviously 'full'. I am convinced that everytime you feel full, you are stretching your stomach a bit. I may be overanalysing it. But hey, that's what we do. Xo Xo

  3. Best of luck with this! I'm sure you'll be ridiculously successful.
    -sigh- I wish I looked like a ballerina. Thank god modern dance is more about muscle and movement quality than lines and barely-there-ness, otherwise I'd get nowhere in this field.

  4. That doesn't sound like such a bad eating plan. It sounds very reasonable.

    I hope you continue to do great on it and it works out for you. You know with your training and all.