Saturday, January 26, 2013

Old Enough to Know Better, Too Young to Care

 I think this is how my body is going to look when I get to my goal weight. Keira Knightley. She's really thin yet, has some curves and muscle and look at those abs! I love her collar bones too. I feel like I have to "flex" mine sometimes to get them to show. Ya know what I mean? Keira is 5'7'' and weighs 110-115 (BMI 17.23-18.01) I'm an inch taller, so to have the same BMI I need to weigh between 113.5-118.5. I think that 117 is probably the lowest weight I can really function at, so for now, that's my ultimate goal . That would put me at a BMI of 17.79. Only about 15 lbs to go. I'm currently on 45 hours no food and all is well. If I can make it until the after training meal, it will be about 68 hours no food + minimal food at meal + 17ish more hours fasting. I've already lost more than 3 lbs and the fast will be about 3 days in total. What If I could lose 10 lbs in 3 days... I know a ton of this is water weight, and I read that you can only sustain about 1 lb per day of weight loss from fasting. That means only 3 real lbs would be lost BUT! I think this stat was for people that resume normal eating habits after their fast. I'm planning on doing a very restrictive whole fruits and veg only diet for Mon-Wed then fasting again Thursday-Sunday at 6pm. That's 3 days fasting, 3 days of 500 cals or less, then 3.5 more days of fasting. 6 days fasting= 6 lbs gone + 1 more pound from the restricting days. So despite what I lose, 7 lbs will be gone for real. Calorically speaking, that's a deficit of about -12,000 from fasting + - 4500 =-16,500 (4.7 lbs) :/ Boo! But the math's never spot on. I know that I will be successful this time around! I am determined to become very slim. I want to see ribs especially.  I have a plan to not let my boyfriend see my body this whole week while I get rid of all this disgusting weight. If I can shed 7 lbs in a little over a week, I'm sure he will notice. I want him to ask. The funny thin is he thinks I weigh between 125-127. Ha! That means I can lose 5 lbs from where I am now and not draw any questions. After all, my drivers license says 127 so it must be true, right? The best thing is when I lose that 9 lbs this week, I'll be around 126. " 1 lb sure can make a difference, huh? Do you all ever say you weigh less than you do before you lose the weight so people won't suspect anything when you get to that weight? <3 Stay Hungry

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  1. lol my drivers license says I weigh 130lbs. When people look at that now, they must wonder what's going on lol. She is absolutely beautiful and a wonderful figure. If you look like that, that'd be amazing! Keep working hard and good luck!