Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm Going Ultra Thin

That's right, you heard me! Time for another one of my hair brained schemes that rarely ever pans out, but what the heck, I'll give it a try. I'm not going to lie, for the past week, I was super stressed out,  my period was late, 8 days! :o,and it finally started yesterday, thank God! I'm going to blame my total lack of control and all night and all day binge eating for the past 4 days on stress and PMS. Sounds legit, right? Well my dear friends, this is what Mondays are made of: regret, guilt, body hatred, head in hands, inspiration to do better, and finally, intricate plans detailing how much better I'm going to do this time around ** fingers crossed**  I find that plans that are simple and repetitive are best for me because variation tends to leave more room for excuses and ultimately, failure. I will not accept failure this time. Damn it, it's a new year, and I never want to see 135 on the scale again. My rest of my life goal is to get under 130 and never rise above it again (Unless I have a baby some day, but that's an entirely separate thing) At home, I have a nice supply of fruits, veg, tea, nonfat yogurt, oatmeal, and low fat cottage cheese. I want to stick mainly to those things for my plans until they're all used up, because I hate wasting food. I am going to do my plans one week at a time and reevaluate on Sunday evening for the next week. I will weigh in on Sunday mornings and report my losses. This is how it's going to go: Breakfast = Black coffee or Plain Tea + oatmeal(130) mixed with cottage cheese (40) Lunch= Homemade fruit salad (70) + half cup zero fat greek yogurt (60) Snack= Smoothie : fruit (70) + a protein (50) This can be yogurt, cottage cheese, or Peanut butter and Dinner= Salad: 1 cup spinach (15) + turkey (50) + salsa (15) Total= 500 That worked out perfectly! I think if I stick to my plan the day before, then the next day I earn a 100 cal or less dessert Yay me <3


  1. That sounds like a great plan sweetheart. And it sounds yummy too =)

  2. Mondays are the best! Good luck girl. Your plan looks great! <3 Jade

  3. Hey. I'm just caught up to date on your blog after my disappearing act.
    You've been doing so well recently. I've been reading with a massive smile on my face over how dedicated and successful you sound.
    Your new plan sounds amazing, you've just given me the motivation I've needed to get my ass in gear.
    I'm so happy for you, I'm sure you will do amazingly.
    Take care darling.