Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 I want to plan a big fast with no excuses and no failed attempts. I haven't eaten in about 14 hours now and it would be rather easy to carry on until tomorrow, but I just got this new job at Outback Steakhouse and I have training for 2 hours today and then I have to rush over to the last 2 hours of gymnastics practice. Then I have more training tomorrow and 4 hours of practice. First of all, I don't like fasting through gymnastics because I get dizzy sometimes, and dizzy + gymnastics = baaaad times. The more important reason that I can't fast is because when your at training, they give you like a feast of their food to eat and this happens on three different training nights! They want you to try everything on the menu, including desserts, before you start working. They told me " You are going to be so full during your training nights that you'll barely be able to walk out of here" That is a terrifying thought and even more of a reason to fast! I  don't know when my last training day will be, but they don't train people on the weekends, so I think I am going to fast on  Thursday-Sunday dinner at dad's house. If I start after practice on Wednesday (10PM) and continue through to about 6PM on Sunday. That's about 3 day 20 hours or 92 hours. I'm excited, especially because my dad got on my case about being thin, so at dinner on Sunday when I break my fast, I will probably lose control and tear through some food at his house, so he has no reason to question my eating habits. If I repeat this for a few weeks, I should be able to lose at least 3 pounds on the fasting days. Ugh... I just want really thin legs and hips. I need to get my ass in gear <3 


  1. Good luck my dear. That's quite a bit of time, but I have every bit of faith in you that you can do it. And congrats on your new job. That's awesome.

  2. Good luck. You've got it so well planned and you sound so motivated, I'm sure you can do it. The training nights at your new job sound scary, but congrats all the same.

  3. Sounds like you have a busy schedule coming up.

    I do not blame you for wanting to eat a little something with all the practice going on. My workouts are probably peanuts compared to what you do and I still need a little something.

    I am sure everything is going to work out fine. Don't you worry beauty.