Monday, January 28, 2013

Yo Dah Lo Da Lay Heee Whoooo!

   Last training meal is over! I got away this time with 4 fries(40), salmon (50) Broccoli & Asparagus (Idk if there was butter, I think they were steamed but just to be safe... (50)) Bite of chicken (50)Bite of pork (25) and 2 Chicken wings (120). So that's and intake of 335. Oh crap! I forgot the monster (20) and Special K crisp thingy (100).So, that's 455. Engh . . .not bad. Maybe I should keep this little >500ish cal pattern we have going on here. Today though, I got a little dizzy today when I was sitting outside on and abnormally warm January day. I couldn't stop staring at the ground and it's like I was tripping balls. The grass looked like it was boiling and bubbling. That's why I ate the Crisp thing this morning. I didn't want to faint or something stupid. I've probably had about 2000 calories these past 5 days from the training meals and such. I've burned about 10,500, so a negative 8500? That"s a definite 2.4 lbs of definite, you can't blame it on water weight, fat gone from my body forever. If I maintained this, in two weeks, I would lose 6.4 definite pounds of lard, but the scale will probably show a lot more like 10-15 lbs. Can you even imagine? I feel like I will be so strong this time. Down, down, down it goes. Where it stops? Nobody knows. So now, a shout out to all of my readers. I always feel so amazed that people read what I say and actually respond to it and encourage me. Your comments mean the world to me, and often, they're the highlight of my day :) Hugs and Kisses ∞!!! For real though ;) Oh my goodness, what if I was at 128 something in the morning? Ok, so here's my question to you lovely ladies (and any gentlemen) What is your height and ultimate goal weight?Lemme know :)


  1. OF COURSE we read what you have to say, darling-- we care about you :)

    I'm honestly jealous of your calorie burning (says the person laying in bed, popping antibiotics like candy and desperate for some gym time) BUT I'm really happy for your weight loss, baby! Keep up the great work :)

    Well, since you asked... I'm 162.5cm (about 5'4''), at roughly 133lbs at the moment, getting down to 105...I was at 111lbs once but would like to be a little skinnier than that this time...well, good luck to me, right? (did it once, can do it again!) :)

    Lots and lots and lots of love,

  2. *down down down it goes* booyah! i'm with you on that one :]
    my dream weight is 110, so at 5"7 that's a bmi of 17.2 (how nice does THAT sound eh?)
    and congrats on your self control! it's awesomesauce.

  3. My ultimate weight is somewhere around the 110 region, but to be honest it depends on what I look like when I get there! If I get there and I still look as fat as I do now then obviously I'll keep going until I'm happy, I'm just not sure where that will be :) I'm 5'4" :) And congratulations of your weightloss etc! I wish I had the motivation to work out as much as you! xx