Monday, January 28, 2013

What a Morning!

Exquisite Entrance Heel in Black
 So let's see what's happened so far today. I took a laxi last night because I panicked about the training food, and I kept getting up all night to go to the bathroom. I woke up late for school. Didn't get to weigh myself. Drove to school. My car overheated almost half way there. I couldn't figure out what's wrong with it, so it's sitting on the side of the road. Nobody would answer their phones to come rescue me. I missed my studio art class. I started walking home and walked about 3 miles in 45 min before my BF called me back and came to rescue me. I had a 10 cal Monster energy for breakfast. Then I had a shower. Then I weighed myself... 129 flat!! Whoopee!!! I'm under 130 again :) Apparently that entitles me to a real haircut! Haha! I'm so freaking excited for this. I've been cutting my own hair for over a year now. This is very long over due. I am definitely going to get my hair cut tomorrow after my 8 AM Sociology class. I'm getting a few inches off with some long layers. Air high fives to all 333 of my followers <3  I'm only a pound away from my next goal of 128 which means high heels!! Above is a pic of the ones I'm currently obsessing over. Whadda ya think? 


  1. Congrats! And those shoes are gorgeous, definitely a good next reward.
    P.S, thanks for adding my blog to your reading list! Your comment made my day :)

    Stay strong lady <3 xxx

  2. Those are absolutely beautiful. Congrats on the loss. I know you've been working really hard for it. So enjoy your hair cut tomorrow and maybe post a pic? Lots of love.

  3. looove the shoe. that heel looks extremely thin lol. it'll look great with your new skinny weight :)