Monday, January 7, 2013

I Think They're Working!

 Good news :) I think the raspberry keytones are working. You're supposed to take then a 1/2 hour before eating. Today I start up all of my resolutions, and one of them is taking the keytones every day. I had a cup of black coffee for breakfast and then didn't eat until about 3:30 in the afternoon. I made a salad from 2 cups spinach (14) feta (50) greek dressing (50) and a medium tomato (25) = 139 calories. Honestly, about half way through, I had absolutely no appetite anymore. I had to literally force myself to eat more, and I left most of the tomato in the bowl. I usually love tomato, but not today. The salad was probably more around 125 because of the uneaten tomato. For dinner, I'm planning on making some shrimp stir fry. It will be 1/2 Tbs. of oil (60) 6oz shrimp (154) 1/2 cup cilantro (1.5) 1 clove garlic (4) 1 tsp. salt and pepper (2.5) = 222 That's if I eat half of the recipe, which I probably won't be able to finish because of the raspberry keytones. Today, I will win the battle <3

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  1. Is that what they are used for? I would love something that would curb my apetite so I'm not hungry. Good job sweetie.