Sunday, January 27, 2013

One More Coat Should do it

 Sorry about that title. I'm currently painting my toenails 04 Blingtastic from the Sally Hansen GEM crush collection. It really is a lovely color. The only problem is these sparkly nail polishes take so many coats to look decent. It's a bit frustrating. Especially with nothing but coffee, 0 cal energy drinks, and water for over 62 hours :) Oh ya, you heard that right. 10 hours until it's 3 days with no food. I'm just saying. I weighed in pretty early this morning around 8 AM at 131 lbs. That's a loss of 1.2 lbs yesterday and an overall loss of 4.4 lbs in about 2 days. I will not be going to family dinner today because of my training at work. I won't be eating until about 8 PM at the earliest for the training meal, so that would be 68 hours, no food. I really want to be under 130 by Monday morning. I really need to work on staying hydrated because I didn't drink much water or anything yesterday, and I think I may be holding onto water weight. This would explain my bloated tummy and the decline in weight loss. I think I'll drink a bunch of water today to flush everything out and also take a laxi when I get home from work to make sure that every scrap of food is out of my body by tomorrow morning. Ahhh! I need to lose 1.4lbs for a weight under 130 to show up on the scale. Then hopefully I will be at 129 flat by the end of the week. I really should be studying right now because I have a menu test for work tomorrow and a psychology test, but I'm pretty sure everything is going to go ok. Hmmm question for today. If you could just go crazy and eat one certain food as much as you want without gaining any weight, what would it be? I would have extra cheesy white lasagna made with chicken <3 Do nothing all day, and you will lose weight XoXo


  1. I love painting my nails. It's so relaxing. I think if I could have one food all the time and not gain weight, this is sad, but I would eat Ramen noodles lol. I love those things. But they are an easy purging food. Good luck tonight and on your test. Hope tonight goes well.

  2. Congrats on the loss, and good luck with your psychology. :)

    My single food would probably be either baked potato or ribs from our local chinese take-out.

  3. lol i'm just about to do my nails too. and congrats on the fasting! it's so rewarding isn't it?
    for the food, bread and BUTTERRRR omg omg omg.