Friday, January 25, 2013

The Silver Lining

 Bad news. My fast was disrupted because my training was postponed until last night. Great news. So after my training when they started bringing out the food, I was getting a little nervous. Turns out, the people at my work are a bunch of fat mooches, so they kept coming around and eating all of our food. All I hat was a thin slice of ahi tuna, a few forks of dry salad, 5 spoons of mashed potato, and some spoons of dessert. Not too bad, but I will be fasting at Midnight and going until Sunday at 6 PM for family dinner. That's 66 hours still, but I wanted more! I can probably get away with only a little damage if I play my cards right, and then carry on until Lunch on Monday Which would add on an extra 17ish Hours. I want to see how long I can go. Whats the longest time you have fasted for?


  1. That sounds pretty awesome. I'm so jealous of your motivation, at the moment I suck so badly. You're my inspiration for a fast tomorrow I think! Xo

  2. You have more will power than I do. For some reason, I just can not fast. I've tried several times, my body just doesn't allow me to. So if you make it to Sunday, way to go!

  3. i've just read your entire blog today (yeah creepy status. sorry.) and dang! i'm impressed! you should really be proud of how much you work out. that should be my new year's resolution: workout consistently. anyways. the longest i've every fasted is two weeks. that's right: 14 consecutive days with absolutely nothing but water going into my body. and it's really not that hard at all after day 3 or 4. the really hard part though is easing out. if you do it slowly and eat really clean, then i'm sure you can keep most of the weight off. i've always sucked at that - i usually get food poisoning after a fast. lolzies. my point is: if i can do it, i KNOW you can. not that i'm saying you should of course. just a thought for motivation next time you decide to skip the food i guess. <3