Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Yay, my favorite day of the year is here! Fast-a-thon! Get Hungry For Change. No food, water, gum, or anything passes these lips until the sun goes down. All of the money raised goes to help starving children. I get an awesome t-shirt. I get to hang out with all of my awesome middle eastern friends. There's a huge banquet tonight at like 6 or 7 I don't know, but I get out of class at 4 so I get to hang out with my girls before. I'm so excited. I have a question. Some of you girls said you were going to make a picture out of my post. What does that mean, and can you post your picture on your blog when it's done? I'd like to see it. Today is going to be wonderful. I just miss drinking water a little bit. Lets see Midnight-6pm= 18 hours no food or water. I've already made it 13 hours. Only 5 left! This is going to be easy. How can I avoid eating at the banquet though? It's supposed to be breaking the fast, so it would be weird if I was't eating.  I'm trying to go vegetarian. (which is true) I'm not very hungry (even though I'm empty) Talk a lot and eat little ( this I can totally do) Drink like there's no tomorrow ( activity with the hands at the table gives the illusion of eating) It's going to be ok. Middle eastern food can be a bit heavy, so I need to just be smart and choose healthy options. Maintain control. Then tomorrow morning, Cereal(100) water water water water at 4:30 before gymnastics = yogurt(160) and cereal (100) calories for the day (360) If I have to eat between workouts then it will be an apple (90) making my total 450. Not to bad. My maximum 800. My preferred is 600. I haven't seen these girls since before I lost the 13lbs. I want to wear something that will show off the skinniness :) I want to hear comments about my weight. I haven't seen these girls in almost 3 months. I hope they notice.

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  1. cut a lot, talk a lot, smile a lot, drink a lot. sounds like you've got it down. :) best of luck!