Friday, November 11, 2011

Crack a Bottle

I am postponing my weigh in until next Friday. Reasons: I have been binging for the past week because I was PMSing hard core. I like to make excuses. I started my period today and I'm hugely bloated ugh... I drank a whole bottle of wine Wednesday, half a bottle Thursday, and took 9 shots of Captain Morgan in about an hour last night. I'm such an idiot. Fasting, fasting, fasting the weekend away. The nothing but yogurt and fruit and water and tea for me starting Monday :) I will not weigh in until Friday night. I will fast all day Friday just to make sure I'm empty. I need to just buckle down and stick to it. Wish me luck <3

1 comment:

  1. I think I feel a fast coming on as well. I need to pretty badly.

    It seems like every girl I talk to is on her period right now, even me. lol I don't know how much I gained with mine this time but I usually gain about 3lbs and then lose it when I get off. Water weight I guess. =p