Monday, November 21, 2011

Keep Screamin Till They Hear You Out

I really want someone to notice. To help me. To listen and really hear what I'm saying. Take action. My God, don't you see what's right in front of your eyes? How can you say I look the same. How can someone drop 18 fucking pounds and you don't notice? How can my bmi go from 21.7 to 19 in less than 3 months and you don't see it?  Fuck you all. Seriously. You have the nerve to tell me I look the same? Open your eyes damn it


  1. That's what I hate about being my weight! No one can tell I'm losing weight because I'm so fat. But we notice, darling, and don't you think we don't! I'm here for you every .0001 of a pound that you lose <3

  2. Im sorry hun im sure you look beautiful and toned thanks to all your hard work and strength. You probably have a killer gymnast body.
    sorry they haven't noticed but it's there loss.
    with love,

  3. I feel the same.
    Maybe it's that we don't acknowledge it when they do notice, we deny it and tell them they're dreaming.
    Some days I'll be by myself thinking why the fuck isn't anyone trying to help me!?
    I don't want help though and I don't want anyone to notice.. It's a strange thing.
    You are doing so well though lovely, so so well.

    Si xx