Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So, Sunday I had Chips and salsa (400) Soup (400) And chili (300) plus some other randoms. Probably about 1500 calories all together. Not a binge day, but not a good day either. Yesterday I ate 1/2 banana (50) some candy (50) and a red bull (110)= 210 I can't believe I made it through 4 hours of gymnastics with only that. I'm finally under 130 again. 129.4  I need to get down as low as I can before Thanksgiving witch is on Thursday ugh I have 2 dinners to go to, and I don't want to look weird and raise suspicions by not eating, so I need to fast as much as I can before Thursday to counteract the damage I will certainly do. I think I'm going to do a fruit and veggie fast today and tomorrow because I have gymnastics again today and work tomorrow. I'm feeling so strong. It's crazy. I have a big pineapple to cut up and celery and spinach. Mmmmmmm I'm excited. I want to look super skinny and wonderful for thanksgiving because I haven't seen a lot of my family since august, when I was 143 (ugh, never again!) and as of this morning, I'm 14 pounds less than that let's see if we can get to 15 pounds less (127) by Thursday. I'll post a pic of my outfit and everything on Thursday, so you all can see my progress. I hope this works

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