Friday, November 18, 2011

Me and My Bones

**I just realized that I never published this post somehow! I apologize a million times for being so absent minded. Please forgive me :)
Time for another blog feature!! Today's is about a lovely blog called Me and My Bones. First off, I would just like to say how proud I am of her. She started off at 145lbs and is down to 115! That is absolutely astounding. She is down 30 pounds and going strong. This is just wonderful :) From what I can tell, she works at a care home for elderly people, and she puts her heart and soul into caring these people. I really love how passionate she is about helping them and making their lives as best she can. Also, if she notices someone on blogger is having a rough time, she writes such kind and uplifting comments for them to help them get back up on their feet. I know they've helped me get through some rough patches. It's so nice to come across such a selfless person in this world we live in today. We all get dragged down by life sometimes, but she fights tooth and nail until she rises to the top and is victorious. Her progress is amazing, and she also has a nice thinspo pics page and a page of tips and tricks. I feel like sometimes, when people say they are listening and trying to help you, they are just going through the motions and trying to satisfy you. This is not the case here! If you were to email Abby with a problem or concern, she would listen with open ears and an open heart. Her advice would be sincere and heartfelt. Abby is  genuine, 100% supportive, and just plain amazing.  Seriously, you need to check out this blog. The posts are fantastic and so inspiring. "Every visible bone is a gift.......I'm unwrapping mine one pound at a time"

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