Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jumping on the Bandwagon!

Guess what? I'm going to do the 60 day challenge <3 Yay me. It seems like it would be interesting to try, so why not. I am a Monday starting kind of person, so I will post for day 1 & 2 here. The rules are right here if you're interested in doing it also. Ok so here goes:

Week One!
Weekly challenge: Pick one unhealthy food or habit you have (eg. Artificial sweetener, chocolate, eating after 8pm, skipping breakfast) and aim to go 7 days without eating/doing it.
My number one unhealthy habit I think that I have right now, food wise, is eating the bread rolls and pita chips at work when I'm in the kitchen. If I have one I'll have at least 4 more. I'm not joking. I have no control when it comes to those horrible, delicious things, so from here on out, never again!
Day one: How tall are you, what do you currently weigh, and what do you hope to weigh after the 60 days? (Be realistic).
Fisrst of all, any weight loss amount is realistic if you work hard enough, do the math before you set your goal, and stop making excuses. I am currently  5'8'', back up to 130lbs ( yuck!) and feeling disgusting.  60 days from now will be January 14th. By then, I should have no problem losing 19 pounds. That's my final goal weight, but I think I can get there before the end of the year is out. I think that I want to drop to 111 just to touch it, and then form a maintenance plan that I know I can live with and be around 115-117 lbs. I still need to think about this though.
Day two: What is your MAIN reason for wanting to lose weight? (Be honest.)
Honestly, it's because I gross myself out. I need the legs to be tight, the tummy flat, the love handles gone. I believe that when I am thinner, I will feel more confident, and finally stop hating my body all the time.

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  1. I like the challenge! I read through it all and it seems like a more positive/motivational kind of thing to do! Also, we are similar heights and I totally feel you about tightening up the thighs. If you can get down to 111, then there is hope for my dream :) But as for now, you are doing far better than me so don't worry about gaining some weight, it's likely water weight from binging. You'll drop it sooner than you know it!