Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's the Final Coundown!

Oh my goodness here we go. The final days until Friday's weigh in! We can do this ladies. I hope everyone is doing well and I wish everyone the best in all of their skinny endeavors :) If I am not at 122 or lower (**I wish**) by 11-11-11, then I will fast until I am. I will not eat again until I am 122. This is amazing. I love this feeling of success and accomplishment. Solidarity on this girls. Together we are strong and can achieve anything. Let's make those goal weights a reality, not just a dream!


  1. gotta admit, i'm always a little nervous at the beginning of a fast because i've got to workout and all. I hope to be @ 115 by 11-11-11, so let's hope together!

    we CAN do this! let's do it <3

  2. Oh how I have missed you, you gorgeous girl.
    I know you can reach your goal darling!
    Love Anafly,

  3. you girls are so teeny , i am cringing at myself right now ! however , i want to say well done , its your hardwork that has got you to where you are now. strong mental attitude , keep going and hopefully one day i will be able to join you in your chats about 122 and below ...

  4. Great job so far! You can totally get to 122!!! But do you weigh in at night? Because I feel like weighing in after a day of drinking liquids will increase your weight.

  5. the night before I weighed in at 125.8 I was about 1.5lbs heavier.