Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wanna Bet?

My boyfriend was talking last night about how it's weird that we will never see our bones. We will never see our skeletons because of all of the stuff covering it. Wanna bet? Give me about a month, and you'll see mine baby. On the days he saw me weigh in at 125.8 he looked stunned and very proud. Serious motivation to lost more and get stronger and tighter. I love fasting. Started over officially at midnight. Going until atleast Friday, hopefull through Sunday, depending on weight. I'm officially 12 hours in! lol That's pathetic.


  1. I love it when people say things like that. A friend of mine told me i'd look terrible at 132. I was like: Challenge accepted! Now sunshine - let's see them bones! :D I think we have a new challenge in the making! ^_^ Xo

  2. Lol the "Show Me Your Skeleton" challenge!

  3. i just read your post
    it's amazing!
    your like my greatest inspiration
    i can't call myself "ana"
    that's so hypocrite

    i need help .. i gave up so easily

    how do you it, to keep it kind of a secret?

    sorry for my english...

  4. Your English is fine <3 Thank you so much for the compliments. You just have to really want this more than anything and dedicate every bit of determination and will power that you have to your fight to be skinny. I hope everything goes well for you. Stay strong :)

  5. i wish i was strong enough to fast. 125....thats fucking amazing