Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I got new stuff to work out in my dorm!! I got a new jump rope and a resistance band thing that you can use to work out your legs and abs and arms. It's really cool!!! I'm super excited to try them out. I really need to study for my Chem test and Math test that I have tomorrow and also Clean this dorm! It's so gross in here. I can't make my roommates clean up their stuff, but I can at least make my side look good :) I guess I should get started on that. I had a wonderful Valentine's Day :) My best ever. How did it go for everyone else?


  1. Ohh, your new equipment sounds pretty cool! I really need to get something like that, haha.
    I didn't do anything special for Valentine's Day, but I'm glad you had a good day!
    Best of luck in your chem and maths tests tomorrow, sending you skinnies. xx

  2. Aww thank you! The math test went pretty well, I got a 86, and now I have like 4 hours to study up before the Chemistry exam. You should definitely get a jump rope. It's like a whole body workout, and it's cardio too, which is great for you. The resistance tubing is so awesome too because it amps up your workout big time :)
    Much love,
    <3 Sunshinechild69