Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Amazing Day!

I can't wait to get my car back. It's a convertible and today would be perfect to drop the top and drive around a little bit :) The weather is so nice today. I love spring, and I hope the cold biting snowy weather does not come back for a whole year. Ugh I'm just sick of freezing my butt  off every time I step out of the door. Plus, I'm more motivated to exercise when it's nice out. Also, I'll get a tan, and me and the bf can hang out in the great outdoors instead of always being cooped up indoors. Only math class left for the day. I have a test in like 22 minutes and then a Chemistry test tonight. Wish me luck.  I hope everyone is doing well. Stay strong!!
<3 Much love,


  1. Hi you wonderful <3
    I have just created a thinspo-page where I upload at least 30 new pics per day... Maybe you have any picture you want me to publish? Well, hun, you can at least check the page out :)
    Take care <3