Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm so Dumb Sometimes

Okay, so as you may know, I have a page on my blog called Pro-ana Buddies!!! On the page it says to leave a comment on the page if you are looking for a pro-ana buddy. The only problem is that you can't comment on the page for some reason. I feel really dumb because I was wondering why nobody ever left a comment. I edited what the page says, so now if you are looking for pro-ana buddies and want to be added to a list on my page , just comment on this post or any of my posts expressing your interest. This way we can all stay connected, find inspiration and support, and build a stronger community of pro-anas! As always, thank you for reading my blog, especially all of you that follow my blog. I appreciate everyones support and all of your wonderful comments.Once again, sorry for the mistake. Hopefully now people will be able to find pro-ana buddies here
Much love,
<3 Sunshinechild69


  1. hey, I'd love to be pro ana buddies! My email is (: & anyone else can add me if they need a new buddy. We're all in this together! xo A.

  2. Heyy! My name is Maggie. Email me at if you want to be pro-ana buddies! Anyone can add me :)

  3. Email me :)

  4. Heey!! :) my name is sarah, I'd love to be ana buddies! my email is: x)
    Anyone can add me as well! id love to trade tricks and lend support, strength is beauty girlies! <3
    i love your blog btw, inspiring! (:

  5. :] anybody can email me if they need a buddy. Stay strong, Stay skinny!

  6. hey i am jade
    i am a pro ana
    looking for a buddy
    let me know email me

  7. Hey, I'm Kate & searching for a pro ana buddy. Here's my stats - 5ft3in , 26yrs old, and my goal is to get back to 100lbs. Email me ( & check out my blog, waifery :-)