Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time for a Change

I need to get my confidence back. I need to get my smile back. I need to get my happiness back. I need to get my temper under control. My boyfriend says I need to be stronger mentally. I know that the way I have been acting lately is wrong. I know I need to get it back together and not let things bother me so easily. I swear, starting from this day forward, I will smile more, not give into the tears. I will be strong and confident. I will enjoy life. I will be better for us. He is so perfect. From now on, no more temper, sudden sadness, or crying for no reason. The time has come, and I will be happy. :)


  1. Good for you darling, you deserve all the happiness that you can get.
    Go for it.
    Love Anafly

  2. :) I'm so glad I have the support of all of my Ana girls. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I'm not gonna let Ana drag me down. I'm gonna bring her up with me. Happiness and a more perfect self.
    Why can't I have the best of both worlds?
    <3 Sunshinechild69