Monday, February 28, 2011

Hide and Seek

So I found a whole new way to motivate myself to not eat as much. It's a little game I like to play called ID hide and seek. At my college you use your id card to pay for all of your food using points. You get like 400 each semester that you can spend at any food place on campus. Also, you have a certain number of meal swipes per week that you can use at the feeding trough   all you can eat buffet line in the cafeteria. You cant tell your friends here that you don't have any money or you left it in your dorm, because all of your food is paid for with the card. So what I like to do is hide my card somewhere in the dorm , then tell my friends that I can't find it. No card = no food. It works really well , because a lot of people are selfish about their food points and don't really want to share, and even if they do offer, you can tell it's very unwillingly. It doesn't matter though, because I don't want the fad laden crap they sell here anyways. The funny thing is, I really can't find my card today, so I'm just chewing sugar free gum. It's the best! If I start to get hungry, I just switch to a different flavor and I'm good for a while. Even if you chew the whole pack of 15 pieces its still less than 75 calories and that's a whole lot better than what you would have contaminated your body with. I need my card to get in the building so I had better start looking for it. 
*Stay strong*
<3 Sunshinechild69 

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