Thursday, February 3, 2011

Red Bracelets

Ok, so I know the red bracelets aren't  my own original idea, but I think it's a good one. I am going to start making different types of red bracelets in support of the pro-ana lifestyle and I can also make ones that are blue for pro-mia girls as well. Would anyone be interested getting a bracelet like this? I think they are a good idea, because you will feel more united with other girls from all around the world who are wearing the bracelets. Plus, they are a way of secretly identifying our selves as pro-ana or pro-mia to other girls who are the same way. Most people who lead pro-ana or pro-mia lives know what the bracelets signify, and they will be happy to see other girls out there who are strong enough to strive for perfection. Also, they are wonderful thinspo because every time you see the bracelet, you will be reminded of what you are fighting for; Perfection Let me know if you are interested, and what kind of bracelets you would like me to make. I am going to get the supplies this weekend :) Hopefully, I will be able to post pics of a few kinds on Monday.
And I think that maybe I can make a page on my blog  for everybody who ordered the bracelets, and you  can  email me a picture of  your wrist with you wearing the bracelet or whatever picture you want to send of you wearing your bracelet (as long as it is appropriate) and I can post it on the page with your username, and everybody can see all of the wonderful, courageous girls who support pro-ana/pro-mia, and it can show that we are strong and united. Let me know what you guys think :)
Comment on this post or send me an email if you are interested.
Much love, stay strong!
<3 Sunshinechild69


  1. I thought pro mia bracelets were purple? I've been out of the loop too long.

  2. I've always seen them being blue, sometimes with a little dragonfly charm. I'm not really into the pro-mia thing. I'm a pro-ana girl, but I support everyone in their strive towards perfection. I can make purple ones too if anybody wants them :)
    Just let me know

  3. Thats such I good idea. sometimes the ana bracelets are distinguished by their silver dragonfly clasps I heard some anas refer to themselves as "Dragonflies." Dragonflies consider anorexia a lifestyle choice, as well as a badge of honour. I think purple might be um EDNOS

  4. Thanks! I'm really hoping to get some made soon. I'll have pics up by next week hopefully in case anybody wants to get one.
    <3 sunshinechild69