Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beautiful Day!

Omg it feels soooooooooooo good outside. I love this beautiful springy weather. I think tomorrow night, it's supposed to get cold again, but I am going to enjoy this lovely weather while I can. WOW!!!! This is so perfect to just go for a walk or a run or just hang out outside. Idk lol The possibilities are endless. :) I fell so happy and free today. I haven't been so happy in a long time. My body feel light and clean and pure. I think today is a wonderful day to just fast away. Anybody want to do a mini water fast with me?


  1. I'm up for a mini water fast! & I know it's an amazing time of the year, I love spring! It makes me want to just lay outside forever & enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Well I hope your fasting is going well! Stay strong, xo A

  2. Thanks for fasting with me! The fast went so well today that I'm going to keep it up until tomorrow night because I'm going out with my boyfriend :)