Friday, September 20, 2013

Vegan Ventures

Dirty Shirty Ribcage Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt The things that they do to poor little animals. I'm really thinking of going vegan. Isn't this shit kick ass? Vegan love and thinspo esque <3 I'd love to hear advice & opinions from any vegetarians or vegans out there :)


  1. dude yes. have you seen "earthlings"? not cool. the thing that bothers me most though is when people ask why i'm vegan, i say watch this movie, and you know what they say? "oh yeah i already know. i'd rather just ignore it" or "i'd rather not know." first, they DON'T know. the horrors that are going on. it's just.. ugh. plus, it's such an irresponsible point of view. did you know that if everyone on the planet when vegetarian, our energy costs would be reduced by 30%? that's MAJOR. it'd solve a huge part of the energy crisis.
    going vegan is the best decision ever. it really helps with getting away with food issues too, but that is definitely NOT the reason you should be going vegan. vegan means a lot more than that. you can think of it as an added bonus.
    but anyways. cool shirt :D

  2. I'm vegetarian! I do it for the animals and sometimes I just eat vegan food, and guess what? Thinspooo <3

  3. I have flirted with vegetarianism and veganism most of my life. I am now vegan....ish. Mostly vegan I guess. It can be an insanely rewarding choice to make. The ethical and environmental reasons alone to go plant based are huge, but your personal nutrition would most likely greatly improve. I am a huge advocate of a plant based diet, even though I don't always stick to it (non vegan only when having uncontrollable binges). If you do the proper research and have a good base plan, the transition will be a lot easier.

    I would recommend watching some documentary's like food matters, food inc, vegucated, and earthlings. Food matters also has a great website.

    I hope this helps!

  4. All I can say is that going vegetarian when I was a teenager helped to cut out a lot of foods I had a legitimate excuse not to eat. It helps w restrictive diets. Becomes more restrictive and you can lose a lot more weight. Do research on it, you'll a lot of good info from the web that will help you make the best of it. Good luck!

  5. I never loss as much weight/size as quickly as when I:

    fasted all day, until just before bedtime.... then ate one whole stick of real butter, and a few grams of liver.

    That meal "sticks to you ribs" like gangbusters. I really did not feel any hunger for 24 hours!

    And: one whole stick of butter only contains 800 calories. That is lower than the Geneva Conventions requirements for lawful prisoners of war!

    Your body does re-plenish about 1% of its lean mass per day. You need a few grams of complete protein. Actually, a baked potato would be a valid complete-protein source.

    I have MANY MANY MANY logical reasons & evidences that humans should be eating MOSTLY animal products. I will not discuss them here so as to avoid quarrels with emotion-sourced vegetarianism.

    I think emotion-sourced vegetarianism is SCIENTIFICALLY wrong, but emotionally satisfying to many. I don't want to argue about "feelings", so I will just put that issue aside.