Sunday, September 29, 2013

Irrelevant Elephant

It's working, it's working, it's working!! (Fingers Crossed) I woke up today at a startling 133.6 lbs Wowzer :) Breakfast was healthy whole wheat clean pancakes, strawberries, and a glass of chocolate soy milk. Lunch didn't happen, because Sunday is family dinner day :p We went out to eat, and my dad ordered nachos topped in cheese, tomato, olives, jalapenos, black beans, and sour cream. To avoid suspicion, I had about 4 chips with really light toppings. Whenever we order something shareable, like sandwiches, my dad and I will cut them in half and trade halves.  So, I had half a veggie burger, discarding the top bun. then, half of a salmon BLT, eating mostly just the fish, without the extra bread, and about 3 fries. For a late night snack, I'm having air popped popcorn. I just weighed myself, and after all of that "unclean" dinner food, I'm right around 134.4 lbs.  
Here's the part where I broadly try to guess how many calories I had today.
Strawberries (50)
Pancakes( 200?)
Soy milk (160)
Veggie burger (75?)
Fries (50)
popcorn (100)
Total= 895?  
I'm really not sure how accurate that is, but I tried to guess high.
I am confident that it's under 1000 though :D
I simply can not wait to weigh in tomorrow morning.  Last night, after my popcorn snack, I weighed around 136, and I woke up at 133.6. If I lose the same again, I'll be at 132. Let's not get too crazy though. I would settle for 133 flat :)  Also, I'm a little, ummm, backed up, so hopefully after that issue is solved, my weight will drop more. Should I take a laxi? I think I'll wait it out another day.
I can't wait to be back under 130. 

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