Sunday, September 29, 2013

Am I Asking Too Much?

This is all I want :) I'm asking for less than I have, so I don't feel I'm being greedy. Quite the opposite, in fact.

skinny thin thinspo thigh gap collar bones hip bones


  1. Omgosh, you know. I needed to see a beautiful collage like this again. I was literally mid way through justifying a binge to myself and I saw this and now I'm like - can't do it. Over it. Food another time, but just not today. I remember when my body used to look like that...

  2. I love that first picture! Ugh, can't wait to be thin again!

  3. The way women go to the extremes of starving them selves to be thin because the have no self esteem only makes me sadder and sadder. Me and 80% of men would find your body unattractive but your face amazing. Gain weight. TO the point where your hip bones dont show and you'll be even more stunning. You are not healthy. you need therapy. To bad you'll only denie the truth untill you die from being to skinny.

    1. I appreciate your concern, but that is not me in these pictures. I am currently very healthy, and I have talked with a therapist. If I could just cure my problems so easily, I would. Trust me, I know this is insanity. I know I'm living in a self inflicted hell but I can't just " Gain weight to the point where my hipbones don't show" Plenty of men find my body to be stunning, and honestly, I don't care what 80% of men think :)