Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Step Further

I've decided that dinner does not fit into my life. The only night that I don't get home past 9:30 is Sunday. I really should not be eating that late and I usually break down and binge at night anyway. For now, just breakfast and lunch.  There really is no reason to eat before going to bed. 
I mean, what do you need energy for so late in the day? 
Any opinions on this? 
Let me know :)


  1. You do have a point. The ideal time to have dinner is 4hrs before bed, that way your body works on those calories before you sleep. Unless you are going to bed at 1:30 - 2 am, eating after 9:00 is not a good idea. Have you considered snacks? I dont know how hectic your schedual is in the evening but a quick power snack of nuts and fruit will give you energy to make it through the rest of the night and should keep you from waking up starving which may lead to a morning or middle of the night binge.

    Hope this was useful.
    Stay positive hun!

  2. I feel the same way. I hate eating past 8pm. I feel like I'm not that active and those calories are just gonna turn into fat. Maybe like Gena said, try a snack. Maybe on your way home, that way it might prevent you from binging also. Best of luck sweetie.

  3. late night binging, i know you too well...
    yes. my plan right now is to eat 4 times a day (i'm trying the healthy way), and a snack helps SO MUCH to prevent binging at night omg. depending on what your eating goals are, i definitely recommend after lunch snacks.

  4. Why is a good question and I can't say that I know. Good point.