Sunday, January 8, 2012

Somewhere Beyond the Sea...

   Time to start packing for my little trip! Hmmm let's see. I'll need an outfit for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Clothing= 4 pairs of socks. 4 pairs of undies.2 pairs running shorts. 2 nice shorts. 3 tee shirts. 2 nice shirts to wear with shorts. Jeggings. 2 sport bras. 1 pajama pants. 1 Hoodie. Northface jacket. 2 Swimsuits. Cover-up.  1 regular bra. 1 pair Leggings. 1 nice top. Flip flops. Sneakers. Flats. Bathroom stuff= Contact case. Glasses. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Hairbrush. Headbands. Hair ties. Tampons. face wash. shampoo and conditioner. Deoderant Technology= Cellphone. Charger. Camera. Camera charger. Ipod. Ipod arm band. Kindle. Other stuff= journal, pillow Can you all think of anything else I might need? I'm hopeless at packing lol I'm going to say that my weight is 128 before leaving for Mississippi and I'm not going to weigh myself until friday morning. I hope I can drop a few lbs while I'm gone :)


  1. Well you're a lot better at packing than me! I would gave taken about half that amount of clothing and then found I didn't have enough!
    iPod charger?
    I'm sure you can loose a couple of pounds there :)
    Have fun! I'm so jealous!
    Lottie x

  2. you are an inspiration to me! you remind me of who i was 3 years ago. i miss that person. but thats so awesome with you juice fasts, and smoothies and stuff and im so happy for you that your loosing. and your getting a ton of vitamins and stuff! and HAVE FUN!!! i make lists for packing just like you do. you might want to bring emergency snacks for when everyone else is eating. like i always bring vitamin waters, gum, and sugar free candy.

  3. You sound so happy!!! I'm so proud of your progress, I'm sure you can lose some while you're gone at the rate you're going :)

  4. Sounds exciting:) How did the meet go? And also, I agree about bringing some emergency snacks. Like, stock up on gum and the low calorie or calorie free juice/flavored water. Have you ever tried Safeway Refreshe sparkling waters? They come in a ton of flavors, and they are calorie free(: Or maybe some bottles of Neurotrim. They have like 35 cals per bottle. Or you could buy some of the packets that you mix into regular water haha. Dont forget your iPod charger! :) Stay strong darling! Cant wait to hear from you again!

  5. Have fun gorgeous! I'm so jealous, I wish I could go away for a while and come back lighter!

    Have a safe trip :)

    Si xx