Sunday, January 15, 2012

Second Day

128.2 :) That's the weight this morning and I'm loving it. Let's see. During vacation we were doing so many things and we were in the ocean so much that we only ate like two times per day, which is awesome. Everything in mississippi seems to be fried though, so it was hard to avoid the calories at dinner, but I think I did ok. Seriously, I hope everybody tries the plan out. It's easy and it works wonders. If you are concerned about protein, try greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt. Higher calories, but 18 grams of protein, so that's good. Also peas, corn, spinach, broccoli, chickpeas, and artichokes are protein rich veggies. Also peaches and avocados are pretty high in protein for fruits. I don't feel like I lost muscle when I went on this. The place I noticed the most change was my tummy and my love handles decreased dramatically!  I'm feeling kinda out of it today, so I'm gonna go for a long sweaty run.

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  1. Trying this out with you! I already feel so healthy!!