Monday, January 30, 2012

So Freaking Close!

 125.4! WTF!? I need to work harder and get to 125 flat so I can get my reward :) A new sport bra and running shorts! I want the bra to be white, not sure about the shorts though. This is an awesome reward though because starting tomorrow I'm training for a 10k race on St. Patricks day. Hopefully this get my legs nice and tight. I'm going to post a thigh pic every Tuesday morning. Time for four hours of gymnastics!!! Wish me luck <3 Sunshine


  1. How long have you been doing gymnastics? That is so cool. A girl from my high school went to the beijing olympics a few years ago for gymnastics.

  2. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

    Good job on the rewards!

  3. Good girl! You can do it!
    The new gym gear is such motivation to keep going from there too, I need new runners and I'm looking at some really expensive ones, I swear when I get them I'll want to run 1000miles in them!

    Si xx

  4. You can do it :) good luck!
    Lottie x

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