Friday, January 13, 2012

Guess Who?

 I'm Baaaaack!! Mississippi was absolutely fantastically amazing! The ocean was so beautiful and it was above 70 degrees the whole time. I can't wait to show you all the pictures, but I have to wait until my dad gives me the cd from his camera, because I don't have any pictures of myself on my camera. I got like a million seashells and I cant wait to make them into crafts and stuff. So of corse, on the day I get back, I start my period. I'm super bloated and nasty looking in the tummy region. It wasn't too bloated looking in the pics though, I hope. I really need to stop procrastinating on making my project me book. I'm going to get on that right once I'm done with this post. Today, I plan on fasting to get all of that vacation food out of me. The seafood down south tastes more amazing than any I have ever had before! Mmmm crawfish tails :)  Starting tomorrow, no prepackaged preservative filled foods. Only whole wonderful amazing clean pure natural foods. Does anybody want to do ten day challenge diet with me?  Last time I did it I lost 11 lbs in ten days. I'm serious. I've never gained it back, and it's been like 5 months. Here are my rules this time around. Breakfast= Sugarfree energy drink, hot tea, or black coffee. Lunch= Light yogurt ( Under 100 calories)   Snack all day on negative calorie foods and tea and coffee Dinner= fresh fruits and veggies. Weigh in every morning and post it! :) simple as that. It really is easy to do and shows amazing results. It's super healthy, you don't need to count calories, and you feel all clean and wonderful. I hope I have some lovely skinnies join me :)  I think I'm going to make a badge people can put on their blogs after the complete the ten day challenge if they want to. is this a good idea? How is everybody doing on their resolutions? <3


  1. Glad you had fun!!!! Definitely will be doing that ten day challenge starting Sunday!! Thanks!!!

  2. That badge thing is a cool idea, and it sounds like you had a ton of fun! :) How did the diet go during the vacation? I'd love to try the ten day challenge! :)