Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This Morning

   We were laying in bed... Your hip bones, they're so sharp. Ya I know. Geeze, don't you feel them?? Ya...  (Nervous) they've always been like that. No matter how much I weigh. I guess mine are just bigger than a lot of peoples' Like they just curve out more ( Complete bullshit). Well, I like them ;)


  1. I must have big hip bones to it doesnt make me feel any skinnier though lol.

  2. i wish i could see my hipbones without lying down

  3. Hey. This is for the pro-ana buddy program. My name is Lia. I am twelve years old, but don't judge me on that. I'm wise beyond my years, I can assure you. You can email me anytime at pullingworseforthebetter@yahoo.ca. I'm a female, which should be obvious. :P I love fashion, music, musicals, Glee, literature, dance and art. I am anorexic/bulimic. Meaning I restrict and purge.
    If you find an ana buddy for me, just tell them to email me! :) I look forward to getting a message.