Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

Whoo hoo!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited right now. I got this amazing App on my phone called Noom. It's this free weight loss coach thing that makes you post your meals workouts and weight each day. It sends you little reminders and gives you 5 tasks each day. It's pretty cool. I'm really busy with all the holiday stuff, so I haven't been posting lately. I'm also getting ready for the new year and all of my lovely resolutions. I'm putting together a big binder and calling it " Project Me" Its going to have all of my short term and long term goals and resolutions in it all separated by section filled with progress charts and color coded and it is going to be awesome! Hehee I'm so excited :)


  1. That sounds would you post more about it later like examples or pics. I love noon to it helps keep you on track all day ! :)
    Have a merry Christmas!

  2. Haha you're a day ahead of me! Christmas eve is tomorrow here!
    That sounds so cool :) I love making charts and goal lists and things, I just have trouble sticking to them!
    In going to check this noon thing out, it sounds cool!
    Lottie x

  3. I will post pics! And Lottie, I'm not a day ahead of you lol Christmas Eve is tomorrow for me too. That's why the post is called Christmas eve eve.

  4. Long time reader; first time commenter.

    That app sounds awesome, I just downloaded it, hopefully I get hooked ;D

    Also, that sounds like a really good idea! :D keen to see some examples of yours :) I'm thinking that it might be something that I'd be interested in making too :)

    Have a good Christmas, sweetie :)

  5. Happy Christmas! Also I like your idea of "Project Me." Would you be offended if I made one too? (: It sounds like such a cool thing to do. And I was wondering, maybe we could email sometime, instead of chatting over our blogs. I'd love to talk to a fellow gymnast(:

  6. I would love if everybody did a project me book :) Also xXtinytsukikoXx Email me any time!

  7. what kind of phone do you have i hope noom is for blackberry!! lol :)

    btw your project binder sounds amazing

  8. I have an app like that too which really keeps me motivated, not sure if you've heard of 'My Fitness Pal'? Is it better?

    I'd love to do a 'Project Me'! What a great idea :)

    Si xx