Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It's interesting how your habits can rub off on other people. I do about 98% of the shopping and cooking around here. Ever since I started cooking as clean and healthy as I can I've seen a drastic drop in my weight. This morning I weighed 131.2! I've dropped almost 9 lbs in about a week :) Here's the real kicker though. My boyfriend's weight is usually between 176-180 lbs. He weighed himself this morning and started shouting for me to come over and look at the scale. He weighs 168.8! So he's dropped at least 7.2 lbs from the clean eating. I find that hilarious. He was so excited. He is very competitive with his older brother, especially with fitness/gymnastics stuff. They are the same height, but his brother is usually leaner and about 10 lbs lighter because he does a lot more cardio. His brother is obsessed with cycling. I could tell that he really liked being lighter, even if he won't admit it.

 " See! I told you not to worry about your weight. See how much mine fluctuated this week? That's water weight for you!" 

Sure, :) that's what's been going on. Or, maybe it's because we cut out all of the junk and have been eating 1000 or less calories each day while maintaining our high level of activity. I'll let you keep thinking it's just water weight. ;)

 I haven't told him about my weight loss, and I don't really plan on it. I don't want any suspicion to arise  and I don't want to stop eating clean. My ribs are starting to show more on the sides, and the dents are deeper on the front. My cheek bones are starting to pop again, and the thighs are separating. I just wish my body wasn't so backed up. I read that this could happen sometimes when you switch to clean eating. I really don't want to depend on laxis.

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  1. major congratulations on the clean eating and weight loss. you're doing so well! plus you're exercising so much. you're pretty much perfect you know :D