Friday, October 4, 2013

If Only, If Only, the Woodpecker Sighs...

I'm feeling so content lately. Things have calmed down over here, and the waves which once crashed around me have subsided into gentle ripples. I've been thinking a lot about what I want in life. What are the essentials for my happiness? If I was given access to anything I want in the world, what would I take to build my paradise? 

I would live in a beautiful white house, preferably by the sea and mountains. The house would be very rustic and traditional. Lace curtains in the windows. Window boxes full of flowers. A little walkout balcony from the lofted master bedroom with French doors. There would be a white picket fence and a little kitchen garden. Maybe even a little green house. I would also need a hammock under a big tree. 

My house would be simple on the inside. A little kitchen and a big wooden table to dine around with friends and family. A huge free standing bathtub to soak in. A big stone fireplace. There might be one TV in the living room, but it will not be the focal point. It might be brought out for special occasions, but it will be stored in a cabinet where it can be put out of sight. 

My pantry would be stocked only with the freshest ingredients. No fake foods allowed. Meals cooked with love from scratch. I'd have a special little cabinet stocked with fine chocolates and tea. Never to be binged upon, but enjoyed fully in moderation.

 There would be a little reading nook by the window overlooking the sea. A floor to ceiling bookshelf. I would have a little wardrobe with only the most beautiful essential items of clothing. Laundry would dry on the line and smell of sunshine. I would have a bicycle with a basket, and town would be a short ride away. No need for a car. 

I would earn a living writing and illustrating my novels. My loving husband and beautiful children by my side.  I would paint and draw and swim in the sea. I would spend my days wandering and exploring and absorbing the world around me.  A simple wholesome life full of wonder and happiness. 


  1. Oh my word, that post nearly made my heart burst with longing! I think I just read the desires of my heart that I didn't even realise were there! You should write novels, you have such a lovely descriptive way of writing. Love*

    1. Thank you so much! I secretly aspire to be a writer, but don't have enough confidence in my work to really go for it. Your comment made my day <3