Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting close!!

Tomorrow is the last day to email me if you want to be in the competition!!!! I'm pretty flexible with all of this especially because you all are from different places in the world and different time zones. I live in the central time zone in the USA, so the latest that I will take entries is Saturday night to make sure that everyone had a fair chance to enter :) If you have some sort of problem with emailing me your stats by then, just let me know, and if you have a real reason that you could not send them to me by the deadline then I will still let you enter :) We have 18 girls signed up so far and I hope to see a few more by Saturday!! Good luck to everyone in the competition and make sure you give your love and support to everyone as they work towards their goals.
Stay strong,
<3 Sunshinechild69

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