Monday, March 28, 2011

I Don't Want you to be Bisexual!

Ok so something really funny happened. A few days ago, my bf told somebody that I weighed 215lbs just joking around. I acted offended and he said ya right more like 115! We joked around some more and I said " I bet I could get down to 115lbs" And he was like "really?, I think you might look too skinny then." The magic words lol " too skinny" So now that's my goal weight by the end of my weight loss challenge, 115lbs. I told him I wa going to drop that low and he seemed kind of excited about the idea.
Then today, we went to a restaurant with his friend. I was trying to play a game on his phone while he was driving and I started to feel kind of nauseated. I told him I felt kind of sick and he was like "Really? From what?" I told him it was just motion sickness, no big deal. When we got in the restaurant I brought it up again that I felt like throwing up and he said " You're weight is fine! I don't want you to be ... bisexual? umm bi-curious? " I started laughing so hard and I was like "Bulimic?" Then he was like " Oh yeah! That's what it's called" I assured him that I wasn't, and if I was, I would be a bad bulimic because you need to throw up after you eat, not before. We dropped the subject, and then when the waitress brought out bread and butter, I reached for a piece and he slapped my hand away and took the basket of bread. I felt like he didn't want me to eat and he wants me to be skinnier.  He was just trying to be funny but I was relieved because he saved me from all of those calories!! When the food came, I barely picked at it and let him eat a lot of it. I can't wait to get down to 115lbs so I can be perfect and beautiful for him :)


  1. aw girl that's so good! I wish my bf would support me! He always says he will, then shoves food in my mouth. But I'm so happy for you, I know you can reach your gw. xox -A.

  2. Lol the bisexual thing really made me giggle. That's too funny. My bf also does little things to tease me, but of course it's all in good fun. Good luck with your weight goal in the competition! I think that's a relatively healthy number to lose in that amount of time. Can't wait to start!

  3. Lol that bisexual bit made me laugh :P
    Wow you are so lucky you have someone helping you like that, even if he is just joking! I wish I did.
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x