Friday, March 11, 2011

Can I Help You!?

Ok so I went to eat in the cafeteria in my building today and its like a buffet style thing. I go up to put food on my plate and this worker lady is on the other side just standing there staring at my plate and what food I put on it. It was so creepy. I felt like she was judging me for what I put on my plate. I was too intimidated to get food, so I went and sat back down. When I went to try again, there she was staring at me again. What a creeper! I know it's probably her job to make sure we use the spoons and don't mess up the food, but she could back off a little bit when people are trying to get food. It's hard enough to eat without the cafeteria lady staring you down. Ugh... I should have said something.


  1. I hate it when people do that :/ i feel guilty enough eating it already, without them staring at me! If it happens again maybe just mention to her that it is making you feel uncomfortable?
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x

  2. I hate that to. It really makes me feel uncomfortable.
    I already know I'm fat and eat too much, do I really need you to watch and judge how much food I eat/pretend to eat?
    Yeah maybe next time just politely say that it's making you feel uncomfortable being watched so closely.
    Love Anafly

  3. Gosh, that sounds really creepy. I really don't like when people watch me eat/put food on my plate. It is making me very uncomfortable.

    ~ Meg

  4. ummmmm uncomfortable much?!!!!
    Thats super creepy!!!
    Hope it doesnt happen again x :)

  5. Ya, it was sooooooo freakin awkward. It hasn't happened since then though., so I'm free to stand there staring at the food as long as I want lol