Friday, March 4, 2011


I bet everyone here thinks I'm really really creepy. I'm sitting here in our student center and every one around me is just stuffing themselves full of food and I'm not eating or drinking anything. I'm just kind of staring around at everyone else, being creepy, and wishing I could just rip the food out of their hands and eat it all... but then I would feel so guilty and wouldn't eat for another week. Have to stay strong...


  1. I should feel guilty after my binge
    but I am so optimistic, tomorrow is another day, I can loose everything I ate today in a few days!
    Thanks for your comment...
    I got scouted today, so new motivation to loose and maintain. xx

  2. Haha that situation is familiar. It sounds a lot like me. I just watch people eat their food and feel like a creeper. And I also feel guilty for just staring at them, as if all the calories form their foods could somehow enter my body!
    You are strong! It's amazing.

    ~ Meg

  3. you are strong! you're keeping yourself away from it when its right in front of you. congrats. keep up the good work, it'll all pay off. i wish i had that control. i'm striving towards it, i'll get there eventually. reading your blog helps me =]

  4. Haha I know how you feel, I feel like such a creep staring at everyone eating their lunch, while I sip my water :P
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x