Saturday, August 4, 2012

It Makes Sense

 Wow, I'm so inconsistent with blogging lately. I'm just trying to stay off of the computer and enjoy my last days of summer before the classes start back up.  I will definitely be more consistent once the school year starts back up full swing. I feel like an idiot. I forgot to take some before pictures, measurements,and weight  when I started Insanity! I'm so dumb. I will take all of those things down tomorrow morning once I wake up. I am going to work my ass off so hard tonight, because tomorrow is the rest day of this program and I need to burn up as many calories as possible before then. Since I'm not working out tomorrow , I think I'm going to fast all day. I don't need the calories since I'm not working out. I'm also doing a laxative cleanse, and trust me, it's working. I have to take the pills with food, so I'll just have coffee and something healthy under 200 calories in the morning, then go empty all day. Also, I need some new pants for the school year, so I guess it's clothes shopping time :) I'm excited but nervous at the same time. My current jeans are loose in the waist and between the legs so hopefully I've moved down a size or two since I last bought pants. I'm hoping that I weigh in low tomorrow. I saw my weight shoot up to 135 last week from all the binging, and I hate myself for it. On the 19th, I'm seeing an old friend that I haven't seen since May. I have to lose as much weight as possible by then. I have to be    I will be under 130 by then. Without a doubt I will be there. I really need to get off my ass and do my workout. Until tomorrow morning!                        <3 Sunshine

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  1. I envy your drive. I am too much of a baby to try insanity lol
    Good luck fasting tomorrow =]
    And I'll bet that you have gone down a size. Dontcha just love it when your clothes get loose???
    I can't wait to be there!
    Keep up the amazing work, love!!!