Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kind of in a Hurry

Sorry I don't have time to take pics and everything right now, I'll have to do it tomorrow morning. Here's a quick update on my stats. Bust = 34in Under Bust = 28 Waist = 25 Hip Bones = 33in Around biggest part of my butt = 37in Right arm = 10.75 in Left arm = 11 in Right leg = 22 Left leg = 21.5 Height = 5'8'' Weight 132.8.  There's 7 weeks left on this program, so theoretically, if I was losing 2lbs per week, I could lose 14 lbs and I would weigh 118.8 Wow ! That's scary exciting, but I would settle for 122 for now. I really need to redo my goal weights and rewards for this time around. I hope I can lose an inch off my waist, hips, butt, and each leg. I want that damn thigh gap!


  1. Yes yes yes. Let's do the challenge together absolutely. We should try and include as many people as possible ^_^ Excellent. The thigh gap will come ^_^ Hopefully in the next month! :) Xo

  2. I want that thigh gap, too :D and I definitely want to join in this challenge. I will post about it on my blog shortly.

    much love